Because We Are Good At It..!

Here at KVModus, we are very particular about listening to our Customers. We feel by listening to them, we can see their passion, drive and determination to make their business a success. We applied the same ideology when we are creating the websites, and other customized projects. We believe that if you shared the Customer’s thinking, we can turn their ideas and vision into reality, into their websites and other works!

Creative Website Consultancy

We bring ideas to life with perfectly executed creative. Our websites often incorporate videos, campaigns and copywriting all building towards telling your brand story.

Looks ARE important, we are not disputing that.. However no matter how good a website looks, it won’t retain visitors or make sales if it is slow, cumbersome, or simply poorly organized. Our web developers are experts at making websites for online businesses fast, secure, and easy for your viewers to move around. Our vast experience with state-of-the-art programming and web development techniques – and our history of developing innovative solutions custom-tailored to our customers’ specific requirements – gives you a great competitive advantage from start to finish.

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Are You Selling Yet?

Over the years, KV Modus has helped many businesses make successful forays and extensions into E-Commerce on the Internet. Our portfolio of customer online stores range from selling flowers, to cosmetics and fashion apparels. No matter what you planned to sell or are already selling, we can help you create maximize the opportunities.

Along the way, we will guide you on every aspect of building a online store, making useful choices and avoiding pitfalls. We start by understanding your business model and then advise you on the best online shopping platform. Helping you planned and organized the website and products so that customers will have a enjoyable shopping experience.

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Online Training

Do you wonder if there were a better way to train staffs on job systems, computing procedures or even how to manage the company website? Do you always have to spare hours every time you need to train and re-train?

We are accomplished in producing Audio & Video training material. From in house computer processes to how-to guides in magaing your websites, we specialized in producing clear, concise training materials. We start by thoroughly understanding the process of the computing work. We then decide on the best platform for the video material and the best way to deliver them.

We were often commissioned to produce training materials for in house HR systems eg, Leave, Payroll etc. Complex computing software like 3D modelling workflow can also be easily adapted to online training.

Online Training materials not only reduced unnecessary time in training and re-training, it also ensures that training is carried out concisely every time.

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Web Hosting

KV Hosting’s 24/7 Web Support is a service leadership in the Singapore web hosting industry that provides you with multiple support and communications channels through the phone, email, online live chat, on-site support, and a wide range of knowledge base articles.

Our Web Support staff are all equipped with both Sales and Technical expertise, and are able to answer all your hosting related enquires.

At KV Hosting, we believe in communication and support of our clients. Our 24/7 Web Support service has provided utmost satisfaction to both our prospective and existing customers, and has allowed them to obtain fast and effective solutions to any issues that they might face, any time of the day.